Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate the world we live in than with a blog post all about making your beauty routine more eco-friendly? Making my routine more green is something I’ve been working to improve on for months and luckily I’ve found some really great methods. Keep reading to find out how you can make the earth and yourself look good!

Get reusable cotton pads

I recently bought reusable cotton pads on Amazon a couple weeks ago when I saw YouTuber Samantha Ravndahl talk about them in one of her videos. I was super intrigued because this was something I’ve never heard of and I can admit I go through cotton pads way too often. They’re a huge source of waste especially since you use them once and they get thrown in the garbage right away. These pads are made of a soft cloth-like material and once I use up to 5-6, I’ll wash them. I use any regular makeup brush cleanser or a bar of soap. Let them dry overnight or in the sun and they’re brand new again!

Go for products with no packaging

Products with no packaging? How is that possible? Well, using a body bar instead of a traditional body wash in a bottle is a start. I’ve been using body bars for about a year now (I love the whole Dove Beauty Bar range) in the shower and I love how long they last and that I don’t have to throw a bottle out when it’s done. I also use Lush Shampoo Bars religiously. They have over 10 different bars to choose from depending on your hair needs and are super convenient for travel. I’m currently on vacation right now in El Salvador and using a body bar instead of traditional body wash has been great! Plus there’s 0 chance of it spilling in my luggage since it’s solid.

Support eco-friendly brands

This is something that I myself need to work on. Brands like Burts Bee’s, Eco Tools and Farmacy are just some beauty brand’s that use clean ingredients and are conscious of their environmental impact they have on the beauty world. For example a lot of makeup brushes are made with goat hair and other animal hair whereas Eco Tools’ brushes are completely vegan. To further help yourself out, Sephora has a Clean section and seal on products that are free of chemicals, sulfates, parabens and other ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. This has definitely helped when it comes to choosing what products are best for your skin while also helping out the environment.

Use a cleansing oil instead of makeup wipes

Think about how many makeup wipes you’ve used in your lifetime (I admit myself, a lot). There are many reasons to use a cleansing oil instead of makeup wipes and creating less garbage is one of them. I’ve been using the L’Occitane cleansing oil (left in the photo) for months and love it! Instead of throwing out garbage every time I remove my makeup, I use this oil which breaks it all down for me and washes off with water. Plus it doesn’t pull on your skin or ruin your lashes like a wipe would. The oil itself also has great ingredients like shea oil and other oils to leave your skin super soft.

Natural exfoliants instead of products with microbeads

There’s no question that microbeads are horrible for the environment. They’re made of plastic, don’t break down at all and will remain in the ocean for hundreds of years. Using a more natural body scrub that’s made of sugar or coffee grounds instead of microbeads (not to mention they don’t actually exfoliate at all) is so much better for your body and the earth. Sugar is a natural exfoliant that won’t damage the earth and making a scrub you can easily make yourself right at home. Ground coffee scrubs are also a great option because they reduce stretch marks, cellulite and overall make your skin super smooth!

Those are just a few tips off the top of my head of some easy ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly! I hope you’re able to adopt some of these and if you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below.

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