If you’re new to the makeup world it can definitely be confusing! Before I was into makeup the only thing I would wear is eyeliner and mascara because I didn’t know that there was more to it than that. Turns out there’s SO many different makeup products that you can use! To make it easier I’ve written a little “guide” of the products that are great for beginners and why (not to mention almost all the products from the drugstore!). Hopefully this helps some of you makeup newbies or the beauty guru’s out there looking to find some drugstore favourites.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

This is probably my all time favourite drugstore foundation. I’ve also been using it since I was in high school! While it’s a matte finish I believe this foundation works great on all skin types. I feel like everyone has tried this foundation before but it’s so good no matter what your level of skill is at makeup. It’s not super matte or super radiant either. Plus if you find that you love it as much as I do, you can continue repurchasing it without hesitation since it’s very affordable.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Before I got into high end concealers this is the one that I found myself using all the time. I’d say it’s light to medium coverage and blends very easily with a brush or sponge. I use this under my eyes, chin and forehead to brighten and conceal. Since the coverage is medium I also use it to spot conceal on “no makeup” days. More good news is that Maybelline recently expanded the shade range for this line so now more people can use it.

Essence Make Me Brow

I didn’t start filling in my brows fully until university and if you’re not sure where to begin with all the different brow products, a brow gel is a good way to start. A brow gel basically fills in the gaps of your brows with fibers and helps them stay in place. I personally use a pomade to fill in my brows then go in with a gel to set them in place. I really like this one from Essence! It’s very affordable (literally $3-4 CAD) and the brush is the perfect size to comb through your brows and also doesn’t leave them crusty.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

It took me so long to try this product and hop on the bangwagon but now that I’m on, I’m never getting off! This bronzer is a little more expensive for a drugstore product but looks so beautiful on the skin. It’s not extremely dark so on my skintone it works great for the winter and spring. Like the name describes, it’s very buttery and applies to the skin so smooth that it looks very natural. I find it’s very hard to over do it with this bronzer which makes it great for beginners. My one complaint with this bronzer is the shade range. There’s currently only two shades (there’s a couple more coming out) so not everyone will be able to use this unfortunately.

Milani Baked Blushes

These blushes are affordable in price yet so high in quality! The Milani Baked Blushes come in so many colours that no matter your skintone, you’ll find a blush for you. While the blush in the pan looks shimmery, it appears as a satin finish on the skin which I love. If you skip highlighter this blush is a great option because it gives a soft amount of colour with a bit of sheen. The formula is also very buildable which is great because nobody wants an over pigmented blush.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

If you’re new to makeup and you’re scared of trying a highlighter that can be “too blinding” then I’d highly suggest checking out this product! I used to have cystic acne so I would never wear highlight but once my skin started getting better I used this one. It’s very natural but also buildable. This highlighter costs around $5-6 CAD and you get so much product I don’t think I’ll ever hit pan. I wear this highlight on “no makeup” days or if I’m just going for a more natural look.

Too Faced Natural Eyes and Natural Matte Palette

The Natural Eyes palette (on the left) was my first high end palette that I bought 3 years ago. This was the first eyeshadow palette I got because being new to eyeshadow I was scared of using bold or colourful shades. This palette however is perfect for beginners because it has so many wearable colours that can be used for everyday or for a night out. As you can see in the pictures I’ve really hit pan on 3 shades so I decided to get the Natural Matte palette (on the right) which contains these same colours BUT with more matte shades to work with! You probably don’t need both these palettes but I like having both so I can mix the shimmers and mattes together to create a more versatile look.

And those are all the products I have to share with you! I hope this helped my readers who are new to makeup and aren’t sure what products to start with.

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