There is no question that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has taken over the makeup world in the past week. When the collection was first revealed, I’ll be honest that nothing really caught my eye (I’m not a blinding highlight kinda girl). However, when I saw the packaging and shade of the lip gloss, I fell in love. I went to Sephora the day Fenty Beauty launched and grabbed one. Is this “universal gloss” all that’s it’s hyped to be? Keep reading to find out!


The packaging is what first caught my eye about this gloss. The unique hexagon shape is beautiful, really sturdy and great quality. The gloss itself has 0.30oz of product which is a really good amount for a lip product and retails for $23 CAD. I love that the wand of the gloss is also extra large so you can cover both your top and bottom lip in one swipe!


I’ve never been a huge gloss person because the ones I’ve tried have always been really sticky and goopy. Not this one! The formula is super glossy but not sticky at all. If you look at the swatch closely you can also see little specks of shimmer in it. At first this turned me off, but when I apply it you can’t see it all unless you’re looking up close. The gloss also gives a very wet look to the lips and is very hydrating. I think I’m going to love this in the winter because after a couple hours when the gloss comes off it leaves my lips very soft.

The gloss itself is a beautiful rosy nude called “fenty glow” which claims to be a universal lip luminzer. On my light-medium skintone it looks like a “my lips but better shade” which is perfect for everyday wear. I’ve also looked at many swatches of this gloss on other people and I haven’t seen anyone look bad in it. It also smells like peaches and vanilla (which is Rihanna’s favourite scent apparently). I usually don’t like really sweet scents but I don’t find this one too strong and you can’t taste it on the lips after a couple minutes.

Bottom Line

I’m really happy I picked up this gloss from Fenty Beauty. Is this a revolutionary product that you need in your collection? Probably not. However, if you don’t own any glosses or like a very natural lip colour then this is perfect for you! I’m definitely going to keep wearing this but not sure if it’s a product I’d repurchase once I’m done.

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15 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Glass Bomb | Review”

  1. This gloss looks like a good shade for me too. I don’t wear a lot of lipstick or gloss but something like that natural color is something I would definitely wear!

  2. Oh, I wish I could play with Fenty Beauty, too! It’ll probably take YEARS for the line to launch here in Switzerland, so for now, I have to start saving up for a big international order:-) Thanks for the in-depth review… everyone is so positive about the brand! Smiles from Switzerland from a fellow beauty blogger, and your blog is really beautiful!

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