I think we can all admit that buying razors is annoying and expensive. Not to mention that being a woman, “female” razors are priced a lot higher. However, Harry’s is a company that sells quality men’s razor blades for a fair price. While the brand is technically geared towards men, I was delighted when they reached out to me to try their Truman Set since their female customers are growing. The Truman Set includes a handle, 3 razor heads, a travelling case and a full sized foaming gel which retails for $15 USD (a pretty good deal if you ask me). Since the set came with 3 razors, I let my dad use one of them to get his opinion on it as well! So if you’re a man (or shave your face in general), this review will be helpful for you as well.


I am a huge lover of this sleek and stylish packaging! I think the overall branding for Harry’s is a win. I also really love the razor handle, it has a little bit of weight to it and has a rubber exterior which is soft and comfortable to hold. The razor I chose is the vibrant orange colour! It also comes in blue or green. The razor itself has 5 blades and is made in Germany. If you want to find out more specific details about the blades and how they’re made, click here.

I also LOVE that is comes with a travel blade cover. I personally have never seen these sold in stores before but think it’s a great idea! Whenever I travel I usually just throw my razor is a little ziplock bag but having an actual case is an added bonus.


The most important part of this product is its performance! My dad actually used one of my razor heads before I did (he was quite excited about this product) and gave me a review of his thoughts.

Dad’s review:  I really really liked this razor! I loved it. Sometimes when I don’t shave my face for a long time it hurts to shave, but with this razor it didn’t. The way the blade contours around the face makes it less likely to get a nick. I also didn’t get any razor burn and definitely want to purchase a set for myself. I usually don’t use shaving cream, I just use shaving soap since some shaving creams can be useless. However, this one makes shaving easier and nicer. I think for the price and quality of the set, it’s a really good deal.

As for MY experience with the razor, I really enjoyed it. It was different for me to use at first since “female” razors are usually bigger and have a rounded shape but I quickly got used to it. My favourite part about this razor is that when I was done shaving my legs I only had 1 tiny nick when I usually get 3-5! I also noticed that the blade was sharp enough that I didn’t have to go against the grain to get a close precise shave (I did anyway just because).

The only main complaint I would have is that the razor head detaches from the handle a little too easy. For example, when I put the razor to hang on my shower caddy it just detached right away and fell into the bathtub. Not a big deal but something I think could be improved a bit.

Shave Gel:

In all honesty, I can’t remember the last time I used shaving gel. I usually just use whatever body wash I have in the shower and use that so it was pretty nice to have a gel come with the razors. When the product comes out of the bottle it’s a clear thick gel which quickly turns into a lathering foam. Since Harry’s is mostly geared towards men, the foam had a “manly” smell which I personally enjoyed! I also overestimated how much foam I would need and ended up with way more than necessary. So it’s good to know that a little lasts a long way. Lathering the gel all over my legs it was really nice to see where I was actually shaving and having a “guide” so I didn’t miss certain areas. My legs were super smooth and didn’t feel dry after which can sometimes happen after shaving.

Bottom Line: 

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Truman Razor Set. Just by holding the razor and looking at the packaging you can really see the quality and care they put into their products. I also love how Harry’s is a more innovative brand selling razors for a fair price. As for my dad, he mentioned buying a set for himself once his blade becomes dull so I think you can guess he loved the set as well.

Thank you to Harry’s for sending me the Truman Razor Set complimentary for review purposes. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. 


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