Left: Donated 9 inches in October 2016, Right: Donated 12 inches in June 2018

I’m very fortune enough to have been blessed with hair that grows very fast. I recently donated my hair for the second time in less than two years and wanted to share my experience with you, as well as everything you need to know if donating your hair is something you’d like to do.

When I first donated my hair I thought I had done a good deed and my work was done. I received a letter a couple weeks later from Pantene Beautiful Lengths thanking me for my donation and was surprised to learn it takes 8-15 ponytails to make ONE wig! I was so shocked that it took this much hair that I’ve decided to donate my hair as many times physically possible for my hair.

What is the criteria?

It depends on what organization you choose to donate to but I’ve donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths both times since they work with the Canadian Cancer Society. For Pantene Beautiful Lengths, this is what they ask for:

  • A minimum of 8 inches
  • No dyed hair that might contain bleaches and chemicals.
  • No more than 5% of grey hair

How do I cut it?

Before you cut it it’s important to know how much you want to donate, obviously the more you cut, the shorter your hair will be afterwards. The first time I donated my hair I wish I had cut it shorter so that’s what I did the second time around – I donated 12 inches instead of 9. You can either go to a hair salon, have them put it in a ponytail and cut it for you (what I did the first time) or cut it yourself and go to the salon afterwards.

  • Gather clean dry hair into a ponytail – make sure you’ve measured with a ruler how much you’re cutting.
  • Ensure the plastic band is 1 inch below where you’d like to cut.
  • Once cut, keep the hair together and place in a clear plastic bag.
  • Mail it out to your chosen organization.

I mailed it to:


And that’s it! If you want to receive a letter that they’ve acknowledged your donation- include your address. I hope you learned more about the process of donating hair and hopefully might consider it yourself. Hair grows back and there’s always someone out there who might need your hair more than you.

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