Exfoliating is probably my least favourite part of doing my skincare routine. Usually exfoliating leaves my skin dry, the scrub doesn’t actually do anything or it’s super hard to wash off. When I saw that L’Oreal came out with 3 sugar scrubs I was definitely intrigued to try them. I haven’t seen many exfoliators in a jar or that cater to different skin types. I was lucky enough to receive all 3 scrubs from L’Oreal and having been testing them over the past two weeks to give you all a proper review.

All the scrubs have different types of sugars in them and can be used on the lips as well. Keep reading to find out my thoughts of the new L’Oreal Pure Sugar Scrubs.

Grapeseed Scrub 

  • Meant to brighten dull skin

This scrub contains grapeseed and at first I thought I wouldn’t like this. Turns out it’s my favourite of the three! It has a texture that’s very easy to spread around the face and has a light scent that isn’t too strong. This scrub is meant to rejuvenate dead skin to keep you smooth and glowy. I definitely found this was the case for me. After staring at the mirror for a solid couple minutes after using it, I found that my skin looked more alive and felt SO SMOOTH. My skin often looks dull after a long day at work or after a workout so I’m definitely going to keep using this!

Kiwi Scrub 

  • Mean to unclog pores for oily skin

First of all, this scrub looks delicious (don’t eat it though). The kiwi scrub has a very thick texture, almost like honey, so it was a bit harder to spread around my face. Because of its thicker texture I thought it would be really hard to wash off–but it was actually very easy! It has a very fresh and cooling sensation on the skin. I have combo skin but tend to get more oily in the summer so I think I’ll be using this a lot during the hot months. It is a lot “lighter” than the other two scrubs and exfoliates the skin without being too rough. I found that the “kiwi seeds” didn’t really scrub or do anything for my skin but they’re most likely for decoration anyway.

Cocoa Scrub 

  • Meant to nourish dry skin

I don’t have dry skin but this scrub is very hydrating! If you have dry or even sensitive skin, this scrub is for you. The main ingredient is cocoa and I thought I’d hate the smell but it’s actually very subtle and nice. When I was exfoliating I found the sugars to be very fine and not rough at all, they exfoliate gently enough for someone with sensitive skin. As someone who prefers a more rough scrub I’d probably use the grapeseed one more. After I washed it off I was really surprised at how hydrated my skin felt afterwards, this is something I’d use more in the winter.

Bottom Line

What I love the most about these scrubs is that they cater to different skin types but are all effective. I personally like a very micro scrub so the fact that these are made out of sugar makes it really effective for scrubbing. They also don’t dry out your skin either because they contain different oils so I would definitely use these up to three times a week. While the scrubs say they can be used on your lips, I wouldn’t recommend it. I find that when I use a lip scrub I like to lick off the excess but this product says it’s not consumable so that just defeats the purpose for me.

I’d like to thank L’Oreal Paris for sending me these scrubs complimentary for review purposes. As always, my opinions are 100% my own. 

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