Last June I wrote a post about how I got rid of my cystic acne. This was such a great post to write because I got a lot of positive feedback and it helped a lot of people with their acne. Now if you have acne you’ll know that acne scars and dark spots are something that go along with it. While I don’t have sensitive skin, I have sensitive skin in the sense that whenever I get a pimple it ALWAYS leaves a scar. I’ve spent the past couple months trying out different products of all brands and prices and have finally found the products that have gotten rid of my acne scars.

I can happily say that my skin has literally never looked better. When it comes to my makeup routine I wear less foundation (sometimes even skip it) and wear more highlight and products that show off my skin instead of hide it. Here is a before and after of my skin.

Left photo: June 2017, Right photo: February 2018

It’s hard to see a real crazy difference in the photos but in person, knowing my skin, I definitely can! Not to mention I had a slight tan in the left photo. Without further ado, here are the products that helped me get rid of acne scars and dark spots:

African Black Soap

A friend introduced me to this all natural and budget friendly soap last summer. I got 100gm of it at a local health store for only $5! I cannot emphasize this enough but this is literally the best soap of all time. I used this soap every day for about a week and literally noticed a CRAZY difference in my skin, it was almost too good to be true. Why did I spend so much money at Sephora using products that half worked when there was this affordable all natural soap?

I stopped using it after a couple months just because I wanted to try other cleansers on the market and noticed that my acne scars were slowly coming back and I felt sad about my skin again. I started using African Black Soap again beginning in January and my skin is back to being smooth and clear. The only con I find with this product is that it can be a little drying. I have really oily skin in the summer so I found it perfect but now in the winter I just make sure to use a really good moisturizer after. On top of that, every time I’ve recommended this product to my friends they come back to me saying how much it helped their skin.

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub 

Exfoliating is really important in any skincare routine to make sure you’re scrubbing away dead skin to help reveal new skin! I love this scrub from The Body Shop. It’s packed with Vitamin C which is known for brightening the skin and it smells so citrusy and fresh. My skin always feels so smooth afterwards and I feel like it sort of “brings it back to life”. Since it’s a microdermabrasion scrub the particles are super fine so you know you’re getting a really good scrub and can use it in pesky areas like around your nose or chin. I’d say this helps brighten skin more temporarily than long term.

Facial Oil

I started using a facial oil consistently when winter came along to help my combo skin. While I mostly used it to hydrate my skin I found it also helped the overall condition and it also lightened my dark spots! Maracuja oil also contains Vitamin C which is a great ingredient for brightening the skin as mentioned above. Another good facial oil that’s supposed to help acne scars is rose hip oil! I use a rose hip oil blend from Pixi and enjoy it as well.

My last tip isn’t necessarily a product but to just remind yourself not to pick at your pimples! Everyone says it for a reason but you’ll be so thankful you didn’t pick at that giant pimple of your forehead because when it leaves it won’t leave a pesky scare behind. Also wear SPF, it will help your skin so much in the long run. The sun is a major cause of dark spots (also called sun spots) and wearing SPF in your moisturizer, foundation or even alone can help you prevent them.

Thanks so much for reading and I really hope this blog post helped you! If you liked this post, be sure to read my latest post on how to take care of your skin during the winter.

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