For the first time in Glossier history, they have come out with body products! I’ve been on the hunt for a really good body lotion and wash since mine are currently running out so these definitely caught my eye! The Daily Oil Wash is 8.4 fl oz and retails for $22 CAD. The Daily Perfecting Cream is 8.4 fl oz and retails for $27 CAD. If you buy them together as a duo it’s $44 CAD which saves you $5. After using both products for about two weeks I’ve made up my thoughts about whether Glossier nailed these body care items or not.

Daily Oil Wash

The body wash is an oil consistency that turns frothy once you mix with water and into your hands. I do think this is very different compared to other body washes so I’d say it’s an innovative product. I also love the packaging of this! Anything that comes in a pump is very user friendly and prevents you from using too much product. I have one major complaint with this, the smell. This wash smells exactly like the lice shampoo I used as a kid (which isn’t a good smell whatsoever). Having always had long thick hair, I unfortunately got lice around 2-3 times so the smell is extremely familiar to me. My friend who also used this wash told me it reminded her of her dog when it comes back from the groomers. The smell is just something that I can’t look past with this product.

Daily Perfecting Cream

I love the formula of this lotion! It’s thick but is still easily spreadable all over the body. I tend to get itchy legs a lot and when I put this lotion on it calms my skin down. This also has the same scent as the oil wash but a lot less intense and bearable. I can still smell it when putting it on but it’s definitely a lot less noticeable. The scent on this also lasts a very long time on me which would be great, if it smelt better. I also love the packaging of this as well; it comes in a tube-like bottle that is perfect for traveling.

Bottom Line

I’m a huge fan of the packaging and formula of the Body Hero Duo! Unfortunately, the scent is so bad that I don’t think I’d repurchase this unless Glossier comes out with different scents. However, if I had to choose between the wash or lotion, I’d definitely pick the lotion! The price of both products are also definitely not cheap either. Overall, I’d say if scent doesn’t bother you then they’re worth trying out.

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