I had never heard of Glossier until every single person on my social media channels went NUTS over the fact that they were now shipping to Canada. Being a beauty blogger I had to see what the hype was about and quickly fell in love with their pastel pink nerdy website (that’s a good description right?). I noticed their Boy Brow was a best-seller and the fact that I was in need of a brow gel seemed to be a match made in heaven.

Their brow gel comes in four different shades: clear, blond, brown and black and retails for $20 CAD. I chose the shade brown. So is Boy Brow worth the hype and price? Keep reading to find out.


When my package came in I was extremely surprised at how small the tube was. For $20 I expected it to be a little bigger but then reminded myself you don’t need a lot of product for your brows since it is a gel. Regardless, I am very in love with the physical packaging! The bottle is a pure white tube with a silver chrome handle which is very simple and classy.

The shape of the wand is very suitable for any brow shape in my opinion. My brows aren’t very sparse but do need some filling and I found the brush to be the perfect size and shape. Some wands look more like mascara’s and can sometimes be too big for eyebrows.

Swatch of Brow Boy in the shade Brown

I love the formula of this brow gel! I personally use the gel on top of my brows once I’ve already filled them in with pomade and to set them. I noticed that this gel doesn’t leave my brows crispy at all and it doesn’t deposit too much product like other gels. It’s the worst when a gel deposits too much product and you can’t take it off without using the brush which then puts even more product! It’s also very easy to take off at night.

The one complaint I would have is the shade range. The shade “brown” is a medium colour and more of a highlight for my dark brown brows. Going from brown to black in a shade range is a pretty big jump. Adding one to three more colours to their line would definitely be more beneficial for people with different hair colours.

Bottom Line: 

So is it worth the hype? Yes. I love it very much but do think $20 for a brow gel is a bit pricey but the formula didn’t disappoint. I was pleased with the packaging, application and the ability to take it off at night. Not to mention the name “Boy Brow” is so cute. I also think Glossier is a super cute indie brand and I’d like to try more of their products I’m very happy that one of their best sellers was a win for me!

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24 thoughts on “Glossier Boy Brow- Is It Worth The Hype?”

    1. I hope it comes soon! It’s great when companies are able to ship their products internationally. Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Beauty companies definitely need to work on all aspects of expanding their shades ranges! Thank you 🙂

    1. I’ve never tried it before! While I am wiling to spend money on good makeup, not sure I wanna spend $30 on a brow gel! I’ve heard that the Glossier one is a dupe for it though.

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