Watching YouTube Beauty Guru’s is what made me fall in love with the beauty world. It’s been about two years since then. I watch a variety of YouTubers when it comes to reviews, first impressions tutorials etc. These guru’s are usually what persuade me to buy certain products or I watch simply for their personality. I nailed it down to my top 5 subscribers in no particular order. These particular guru’s are the ones who I will watch every single video they produce


KathleenLights is definitely my #1 favourite! Even though she has millions of subscribers, she’s so down to earth and doesn’t let fame get to her head. She’s also Latina (woo represent!) and has a great personality. I also love the content she produces from monthly favorites, product empties, makeup hauls etc. One of my favourite things about her is her phrase “das esspensive!” when she references luxury items! Also, whenever I’ve tried out products that she recommends, I’ve always loved them.


When I first started getting into Beauty Guru’s, Jaclyn Hill was the very first one who got me hooked. I loved her fun personality, her warm smokey eye looks and overall feel. Even though there’s a lot of drama surrounding her collaborations (Morphe, Becca Cosmetics) I still support her, watch every single one of her videos and follow her on Snapchat.


She’s a person of colour and a Canadian! Trina Duhra is definitely someone who I look up to and think deserves WAY more subscribers! She’s so sweet and I seriously LOVE every single makeup look she comes up with. I trust her opinion and we have the same skin type and concerns so I know that the products she tries are relevant to me. I also love watching her vlogs. I’m pretty picky when it comes to watching vlogs because some are so boring but not hers.


Jackie Aina is a queen. She is one of the very few YouTubers who addresses makeup companies who don’t cater to people of colour and controversial issues surrounding sponsors, affiliate links etc. Not only that but he has SUCH an engaging personality! I always laugh whenever I watch her videos and I watch every single one regardless of what the content of the video is. She also has oily skin so I trust her opinion when it comes to skincare products.

5. Ellana Pecherle (181 thousand subscribers)

She currently lives in Ireland but is a Canadian from the GTA! Ellana Pecherle is gorgeous, sweet and always has the most beautiful makeup looks. She always wears the most amazing lip colours and has a very calming personality. Her makeup looks are also very wearible and something that I would actually recreate on myself.

Who are your favourite YouTube Beauty Guru’s? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “5 YouTube Beauty Guru’s You Need to Follow”

  1. I loooovvvee Jaclyn, Jackie and Kathleen! They are in my top five as well! I’ve never heard of the other two women but now I’m definitely gonna check them out!

    1. Glad you love them as much as I do! Love supporting smaller YouTubers as well 🙂 Thanks for reading

    1. There are so many YouTubers out there it’s hard to follow them all! I love Tati 🙂 She posts so often!

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