There aren’t many rules when it comes to makeup, except for one. Take it off. No matter how sleepy or drunk you are at night, taking off your makeup is a must! You’re actually more prone to breakouts, wrinkles, and dry skin if you go to bed with makeup on regularly. Trust me, once you have it all off and have washed your face, you’ll have the best sleep ever! Luckily, I’ve found some products that make the whole process easier and faster.

Clean it Zero by Banila Co.

Cleansing balms have definitely become more popular this year and so many brands have come out with one now. I find with this one that you only need the size of a dime to take off all your makeup. What I love about this one is that it gets all my eye makeup off really well. I’ve tried others that always leave me looking like a raccoon. The only downside of this cleansing balm is that it’s really hard to wash off. I recommend using the balm all over your face and then using a makeup remover wipe to take off the excess.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I’ve probably used about 6 bottles of this stuff. Micellar water has become really popular over the past year and I’ve been using this particular one instead of traditional makeup remover for a while now. It doesn’t leave my eyes stinging, takes off makeup super easy and as the name says….it literally just feels like water.

Joe Fresh Cotton Pads

Yes, you read that right. I have a brand of favourite cotton pads. I’ve tried so many at the drugstore that never work for me. They either tear or leave bits of cotton in my eyes and then I need to use multiple pads to get my makeup off. With the Joe Fresh ones, I only use ONE cotton pad. I use both sides and I’m always able to take off all my makeup and it never tears. I’ve repurchased these around 3 times and definitely won’t stop until I find something better.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes

KathleenLights is one of my favourite YouTubers and when she claimed that the Simple Michellar Cleansing Wipes were the best at the drugstore, I knew I had to try them! Once again, she was right. These wipes have no fragrance whatsoever compared to other drugstore brands which is makes them really refreshing. The wipes are also well soaked and as I go through them, I notice that they don’t dry out. Most wipes are wet only around the edges and the middle is dried up by the time to get to the end of the pack. Not these! I already know these wipes will be a reoccurring purchase for me.

What other makeup remover products do you use? Let me know!



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